Client Testimonials

Qualification Based Selection (QBS) Consulting Services, Livonia, MI

"We are pleased with the excellent performance that SDA has provided from larger projects that included road construction such as Schoolcraft Road following the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Local Agency Program (LAP) guidelines to more complex projects such as the rehabilitation of existing deteriorated structural columns from several carports behind the Livonia Police Station. The survey personnel has provided construction staking on short notice to keep projects moving forward and also provided documentation for dedication of right-of-way and obtaining temporary easements that were time sensitive for the safety improvement projects. "
Todd J. Zilincik, PE, City Engineer, City of Livonia, February 2012

Consulting Engineering Services, Troy, MI

"Spalding DeDecker Associates (SDA) has been one of our Consulting Engineers since 2002. SDA has served the City of Troy in several engineering capacities for nearly ten years. With professional capabilities including plan reviews to trunk-line utility designs, utility master planning, floodplain management, contract administration, and construciton observation services, SDA has the professional capabilities to provide the engineering resources and expertise required for each assigned project. "
William J. Huotari, PE, Deputy City Engineer / Traffic Engineer, City of Troy, February 2012

Apple Blossom Mall Pavement Management Program, Winchester, VA

"I had a great experience with Spalding DeDecker last year, and it was actually the first time that I had ever used them. We had always used [another consultant] out of Indianapolis. Spalding's plans and bid documents were very detailed, and their attention to detail was outstanding."
Daniel Martin, Senior Manager, Property Management, January 2012

Northville Township Sheldon Road Pedestrian Connection

"The plans are very well done with plenty of detail for the sections and profile. This is a good representation of your firm's abilities."
Jill Rickard, PE, Township Engineer, April 2011

Washtenaw County Road Commission Construction Staking for Jackson Road, Carpenter Road, and Dixboro Road and Bridge

"SDA played a critical role by providing Construction Survey Staking on three of our largest road and bridge reconstruction projects. On each of these projects, SDA was knowledgeable and provided personnel with excellent qualifications who could complete the scope of services with minimal guidance. SDA supplied all resources required to complete the scope of services, followed good safety practices, and provided complete and accurate work following WCRC and MDOT requirements. Most importantly, SDA communicated in a thorough and concise manner, was proactive in initiating project coordination, responded quickly in frequently changing situations, and anticipated potential problems - usually with recommendations for solutions. SDA personnel and resources were readily available on short notice and assisted us in meeting our schedule deadlines. The WCRC has been very impressed with the quality of Construction Survey Staking services delivered on our projects and would highly recommend Spalding DeDecker Associates, Inc. for these services on future projects."
Sheryl Soderholm Siddall, PE, Assistant Director of Engineering, March 2011

City of Rochester Hills Mayor's Business Council Meeting

"Thank you for your generosity in hosting the City of Rochester Hills Mayor's Business Council Meeting on May 8, 2009. The accommodations were impressive, and your staff was very helpful. In addition, the feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly positive. I found the company update timely and informative, and the meeting itself was a wonderful success."
Bryan K. Barnett, Mayor, May 2009

Macomb County Drain Commission North Gratiot Interceptor 26 Mile Road Pump Station Upgrade

"This project went especially well and we thank you for your efforts."
James Pistilli, PE, Assistant Chief Engineer, January 2008

TMP Associates, Inc. Ann Arbor Public Schools K-8 Topo Survey

"Even in the competitive bidding environment, not all survey outfits are created equal. In my personal experience, Spalding DeDecker Associates has produced more consistent, detailed and accurate work than any other company I have worked with, and their documents have enjoyed an exemplary record of acceptance with state and municipal plan reviewers. I have not had such fortune with their competitors, and out of sheer experience and in the interests of the Owner would be inclined to recommend SDA if faced with proposals from them and competing firms."
John Miliacca, AIA, Senior Associate/Project Manager, September 2007

C & S Engineers, Inc. Detroit Clearwire

"It was a pleasure to work with you guys on the Detroit Clearwire project. Your response and turn-around time was exceptional. You can be sure that if and when we need surveying work done in that market, we'll be calling on you again."
Dennen Bunger, Project Engineer, September 2007